How long should 2 month old baby sleep?

Hi mummies, I have a 2 month old baby and she does not take a long nap during day time. I try everything I can to make her sleep (rocking, walking around the house, dark room, white noise, patting, pacifier) however, each nap takes about 10 ~ 15mins and the baby does not go back to sleep once wake up. This repeats for about 4 - 5 times a day and sometimes she does not sleep in between the feeding time. For some reasons, the baby sleeps well at night, usually for about total of 10h ~ 12h with 1 - 2 feedings in between. Is this because she sleeps enough at night and does not need to supplement much sleep in the day? She does gets crankier towards the end of the day it is very tiring because I have to attend to her all day long. How can I let the baby stay asleep and extend the nap time…? #firstbaby #sleeping

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Anyway she is sleeping well at night right. That’s good . So all family members can sleep well. My daughter will sleep only day time. Night she will play nicely 😔😔😔

same for me too 😭😭