My bb is coming to 3 months and no longer wears mittens and booties during the day, only during the night time as she sleeps in air con room. Anyone in the same situation and do you stop letting them wear during night time even in air con room?

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I continued to let my lo wear mittens at night till 6mths because his nightwear had built in ones. Tried a few times when I didn't cover them but his hands felt very cold so you may wanna use some discretion and judge for yourself. I completely stopped at abt 7mths coz no one makes nightwear with in built mittens for that age.

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PD actually advised me to remove mittens and booties after LO turned 1 months old. The purpose is to allow LO to explore and develop its gross motor skills. At night you can put on the jumpsuit which covers the feet. Or can use blanket too. Wearing booties or socks at night to keep warm is worries mummy.

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My girl never wear mittens at all. I just help her to trim her nail every other days. Wearing mittens actually slow down their fine motor skills. I did the same for my elder after she turn 1 month. At night, I let them wear the full sleep wear with build-in booties.

If the temperature is just right -- not too low, then I reckon there is no need to mittens and booties. My friend does away with the mittens and booties during bedtime but instead uses one of those full bodied onesies that covers baby's feet.

I'm stop wearing mitten for my daughter when she is 3 months old because will allow her fingers movement development. Just make sure you cut their finger nail so that they will not scratch and hurt their face.

my girl stop wearing both at the month of 2..during night she only wear long pant to sleep but our aircon we keep at 28 we just keep the room cooling not cold..

My girl stop wearing both at the month of 1.5months. At night, she would wear jumpsuit that covers the feet to sleep. When we go out, we put on socks for her.

i also just start to let LO explore his hands and legs, i stop letting him wear mittens already , but only wear socks when going out or nighttime sleeping

i stopped letting my LO wears them as young as 1 mth. This will allow them to develop their motor skills. Just let them touch and explore!

I'm in the same situation as you and I just continue to let baby wear mittens and booties during night time when she's in the aircon room.