Born B4 Due Date (NOT PREMATURE)

We're all acknowledged that babies born at 34, 35 and 36 weeksare considered late preterm births, and babies born at 37 to 39 weeks are considered early term births but NOT premature. I'm in my 36 weeks (first week of 9 months) now. I've been feeling like labour is near, and I had this thought of giving birth before it's due date, its playing in my head. Why do I say so? Because, my family member tend to gives birth 1-2 weeks early before their due date. Baby was healthy! NO induction, NO difficulty. So, I thought... Am I gonna go through that too? I'm a first time mom, you see. Curiosity hits me hard. I personally don't mind if I were to be in labour within 2-3 weeks from now. I've left with 4 weeks! As long as she's healthy, I'm happy. Any experienced mothers that gives birth 1-2 weeks earlier than their due date? Share your experiences.

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My first was born on 36th wk,2nd baby on her 37th wk, and this coming 3rd baby im alr approaching my 38th wk.. All normal n healthy.. Praying all goes well for this no. 3!

I gave birth at 38 weeks and it's totally fine. My gynae say anywhere from 38 weeks is OK, and my lo came and report at 38 weeks! Lol

Hi, Please do not worry. I know many friends who gave birth at 36th or 37th week and their babies are healthy :)

Both my child were born at 37 weeks and they are healthy babies.

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Hi... I had my second child at week 36 and he’s well

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I gave birth at week 37+2 and she's all good!! :)