39 weeks 5 days

Hi mummies! I’m 39 weeks 5 days today, and this is my second baby. I have no signs of labour yet. Just felt cramping past few days but no regular contractions. I had a membrane sweep done at 39 weeks 1 day and lost my mucus plug the very next day. I was induced at 38 weeks 4 days for my firstborn due to medical reasons. This time with my second, doctor decided to let my labour happen naturally instead. I’m worried of the risks if my baby were to be born after my due date. Any mummies gave birth past your due date for your second baby?

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Congrats on reaching the last lap! If neither you nor your baby is showing any signs of distress or in any immediate danger, as according to your doctor, then go on with your pregnancy. Some mothers can go all the way up to 41wks even with medical interventions. Trust your body. And if you’re not okay with your doctor, you can always get a second opinion with another doctor. All the best!

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