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Hi mummies, just wanna see some opinions. My due date is 2-3 weeks away from CNY which is Feb23. And becoz my husband is Msian, ever since covid lockdown he never go back for CNY celebration with family. I know this time he will be happy to go back to celebrate with his family. But becoz is very near to due date I not sure isit alright to travel back to JB. We also have a 1yo infant with us & too bad we not able to get train tix 1-2 days before CNY. Might be taking bus for alternate way or train back 4-5 days before. (Y i’m concerned also becoz my 1st born was gave birth on the 36week). So from your point of view what do u all think? Thanks in advance.

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As a family, you should discuss with him what is best for you and the baby. If you have to go back to Malaysia, it will be good to get into contact with a gynae in advance, in case you have to deliver early (touch wood). Check out the nearest hospital and bring your delivery suitcase along. The final question is “is it worth to put you and the baby through so much uncertainties to just celebrate CNY in Malaysia?”

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I would stay in SG unless I am okay to give birth in malaysia anytime. Also the next concern is, whether there is an available doc for you in malaysia anytime you need to give birth. But if you’ve decided to just go for it (since every pregnancy is different), probably bring along your hospital bags and documents just in case. 😊

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Hmmm in my opinion there is no need to think or discuss about it? Of cos is your well being is more impt than celebrating cny? I would not risk myself to go MY just for the sake of cny then in the middle waterbag broke? Get your hubby to inform your in laws i believe they will understand.