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Hiii! So yesterday i just went to my appt. Like my previous post i said i had flu, and i read alot about this too. So it's been on my mind la. But the doc seems to take it so lightly. Saying it's normal and just take the medicine that she gives. I don't think i should really rely on alot of medication tho but i still take abit to ease it. My stomach is hurting so much because of the coughing. And there's alot of phlegm. I'm worried about my babies like what if the phlegm reaches them?? 🥺 Also about my c sect selection date. I thought i had a choice but no. Die die no which i don't really understand??? This doc said my babies is healthy but i cannot choose my date at all. She said there's a chance that the babies heartbeat will stop. But then i think back. It just doesn't make any sense. My due date is 22 jan 2022. But she said have to take out my twins by 36 weeks so she scheduled on the 27 dec 2021 which is 36 weeks 2 days. No discussion with me or anything, just simply say that's the date of the c sect. I asked if can do it like exact 36 weeks instead like abit earlier because i don't like the date also. Cause it's too near to the end of the year. Also i have a cousin who is having the same birthday. I don't want it to be the same. She said no because it's public holiday(Christmas) and babies will be too premature. Wth it's 2 days earlier, isn't it the same? Okay. Then i asked what about the day after? She said also no because its sunday. Then i asked again how about extending to 1st jan 2022 cause if we wait like 5 more days my babies will be almost full term which is exactly 37 weeks. She also said no, public holiday and the next day is sunday so 2nd jan is also a no. She die die wants me to stick to the date on 27dec which she schedule. I did ask abt the day after 27 dec which one day after. And it's on the tuesday. She also said no. Mind you, I did some research about all these things before speaking to the doc and make my decisions. There are even mummies out there who had higher risk pregnancy than me. And they had natural birth and gave birth at 38 weeks some more. Saying it depends on the baby, baby healthy, okay already. My babies is healthy but i got no choice which doesn't make sense to me. And threatening me by saying i cannot make any choice because every time i speak up she just say, there's a chance baby heartbeat will stop. Omg, you just said the babies is healthy and why you saying this 💔 She's the only doc who has been saying things like this to me. My husband didn't say much but he feels like shit too but he understands that it's the end of the year so many staff will want to take leave. I don't know how to explain my feelings anymore and what had happen. I just feel like my feelings is dismissed and everything else. I am trying my best to hold on with my heavy drooping stomach and my feelings but i don't know anymore la. Everything is not going like how i want it to be. It just feels like no one is listening. I'm so hurt. #pregnancy

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hi.. if your gynae is unable to accommodate and you really don't want to commit to the date given, then perhaps you can look for another gynae? however late Dec is the period where alot people go on leave including gynaes. your current gynae might be fully booked or on leave and hence unable to accommodate to your requested dates.. he should not have given u additional stress regarding the scare that your twins might not make it if it is not that particular date though. I had a csect in nov and due to fengshui reason I chose to give birth via csect on a Sunday. do note that for me I had to top up 1k for my gynae fees and also some extra for the booking of OT, other medical staff. not too sure if you choose on Xmas or NY/NYE what's the price like. pls check carefully if you do look for another gynae.

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efa, kau try minom air kelapa from buah untok demam and batok2 kau.. or else kau try mkn honey+chop garlic satu sudu every morning.. for csect wise, next check up kau try to ask for 2nd opinion.. n mintak tukar date cos every check up subsidies patient jumpe different Doctor..

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aku besok induce oi 😭