It's rainy season in the Philippines and my wife and I are running out of activities to keep our toddler entertained. Does anyone have any suggestions for indoor, at-home activities? I want to hear your most creative suggestions!

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How about coming up with your own movie? Have your toddler help you look for costumes and props around the house. You could reenact scenes from his/her favorite shows or bring a favorite book to life! Capture everything on camera and do some simple editing. It'll be a fun watch on another rainy day - just add popcorn and you've got movie night.

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We loved making shadow puppets during typhoon season when I was a kid. Dance parties and singing is also really fun. Of course, there are plenty of craft projects that you could do with your kid. Check out this link for ideas:

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I suggest you can try traditional pinoy games such as tagu-taguan (hide and seek game ) , habulan (chasing game ) , Luksong-tinik (jumping over thorns) and a lot more . Im sure your kids will enjoy it aside from that they can also learn how rich the filipino culture is because of that .

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How about some indoor treasure hunt? Indoor camping? You may also try some cooking. Sopas, lomi, lugaw or champorado is a hit during rainy days.