Flu shots during Rainy Season

It's already rainy season mommies! Staying inside our home is already a norm for us as we enjoy the bed weather while watching our favorite movie, I also bought Reign a paint-by-numbers kit that keeps him busy all through the day. (swipe left for the photo) Apart from keeping our children occupied with indoor activities, we should be aware that the flu season is at its peak during the rainy season. We need to take a flu shot! πŸ’‰Vaccines are the best way to protect yourself, especially your loved ones from the virus. I am inviting you mommies to take a pledge for building a BakuNation on the BakuNation content hub on TAP Website. @chinxesguerra @stress_free_mommy_ph @sweetmama_marlyn https://ph.theasianparent.com/category/building-a-bakunation @theasianparent_ph @viparentsph @sanofi.ph #BuildingABakuNation #TeamBakuNanay #theAsianparentPH #VIParentsPH

Flu shots during Rainy Season
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