Previously I tracked my pregnancy myself which was the same result as the nurse calculated-9 weeks. BUT, my first ultrasound revealed that my baby is too big to be at 9 weeks. The doctor said it's as big as a 14 weeks baby! So now my due date is jumped a month earlier. But how is this possible? I've tried searching for answers but to no avail😰

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kalau tarikh last period dah betul, dan baby big size, dok akan cek sama ada ada diabetes atau risiko2 lain. doktor akan buat beberapa kali detail scan untuk pantau baby. sama macam my last pregnancy..saiz baby besar 2-4 weeks.

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Rasanya dh betul dh sbb sy kahwin bulan Feb, then dlm bulan March n April sy dtg period. April last period and mmg dh buat some pregnancy tests lepas March tp negative. Lepas April baru positive tp pergi check Dr bagitau supposedly last period sy on March pula

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how bout your 1st day last period, are you sure you right? how can a doc simply changed the EDD if you last period is correct?