Bloated/impacho feeling after eating while pregnant

For pregnant women, how do you deal with bloated feeling after eating? What do you do to digest food easily? It’s my 3rd pregnancy and it’s only now that I encountered this. After eating I feel “food coma” and it takes time for it to pass. I want to eat more actually but my diaphragm feels so full already 😄 I’m just on 4th month!

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Sama experience here, i really feel uncomfortable 😣😣😣 And all I do is lie on my side and put a lot of efficascent extra strength oil in my stomach and back.

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you can drink probiotics drink po in moderation 😊 thats what i did but better consult with your ob for better suggestions po 😊

3y ago

Thank you! Yes will ask my OB if it’s okay to drink kombucha. Thanks for the tip!♥️

Ako mii ang ginagawa ko lumalakad ako,galaw2x ganon para madighay ako.