Can preggy woman still enjoy activities with her husb like prawning , fishing and stuffs ??

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I wont cos i believed those pantang so for the sake of my baby i chose not too. As i have family member who scale fish and her child came out w an abnormal lip. I didnt want to believe but just play safe. Anyway only 10 months, after that still can go right? 😁

i love prawning, many a times i feel like going prawning but this superstitious stuffs always mess with my head so i abort my plans. but still depend on you.

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if you're not superstitious abt those pantang , why not. i went for a couple of times during my pregnancy

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I just acc my hubby go, but nv fish or prawn tgt. And beware of mosquito

Why not ? It's leisure activities that culture your good mood.

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Yup .. as far it’s comfy for u , u can njoy every activity

If you are not pangtang & can stand the fishy smell

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if you are not pantang, then just go and have fun

Yes. But have to be aware of wet floors

Yes just be careful