steps to put ur baby to sleep

Pls share how do u put ur baby to nap or sleep during daytime n nightime. Like mine, when she showed the tiredness signs. 1. I swaddle and carry her to walk, to rock to pat until she deep sleep. Then put on her own bed. Or 2. I swaddle and carry her to walk to rock until she drowsy rolling her eyes, smiles. Then put her down on her own bed n continue to pat until deep sleep. Pls share your ways to put ur 2 months old baby to slp step by step. Thanks!

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Daytime - respond to baby cue. When baby start shouting and whining, I will swaddle, carry, walk around, and pat until she close her eyes. Night time - usually around 7 to 8 plus baby will be restless. Same thing, swaddle, off all the lights and walk around till she sleep. Will stay by her side and Pat her legs for about 15mins to ensure deep sleep.

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Day time will carry and pat but remain seated unless she cries for me to stand up. Night time usually will put her in her cot, off the lights and on lullaby while I pat her to sleep.

I will latch on my baby and he normally would fall asleep

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I switch off the light and play white noise