Eyes closed while breastfeeding

Do i consider my baby to be sleeping if she closed her eyes while drinking milk? I can see she got drowsy while feeding then her eyes closed but she still continue to suck. Do i count that as her “sleep”? Or only after i put her down on her bed? #BreastfebBabies #breastfeeding

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Super Mum

Hey there, Babies don’t really sleep as their circadian rhythm isn’t really established yet. If you observe baby closely, even during these short naps, they experience rapid eye movement under their eyelids. This is also the very thing that prevents SIDS from happening as some babies can also forget to breathe. Quite like this article: https://www.google.com.sg/amp/s/amp.firstfiveyears.org.au/child-development/baby-wont-sleep-heres-why-babies-wake Hope this helps

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