LO cannot sleep on her own

Hello! FTM here. Is it normal for LO to keep flexing arms during sleep? LO is currently 2.5 months. We tried to swaddle her but she dislike it so much that she would scream or cry out loud until we remove the swaddle. She is a freestyle sleeper lol .. However if we didnt swaddle her, she would flex her arms around when she is gonna sleep (which she couldn't sleep of course with her arms flexing around) and often needs help (e.g. People to pat her or people to carry her first n then put down onto the bed when in deep sleep) to get to sleep. And again, in the middle of her sleep, her arms would then flex around and she wakes herself up and cry. The only way to make her sleep longer is to put her on our chest. She loves to sleep on our chest but we do not want to make this a habit for her..

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Do you mean startle reflex? It’s normal for babies to have startle reflex. It’s better to swaddle her so she can learn to self-soothe to sleep. You are right that it can wake her up without swaddling and it can become a bad habit.. end up you have to do it even during toddler years. You’ll feel like crying every night.. learn from our lesson. Let her cry and get used to it, good if you use pacifier for her to suckle and soothe herself too

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My LO will struggle as well if we swaddling her when she awake..So, we try another way, when she almost fall to deep sleep, then wrap her with fast speed then hug awhile then put to bed...use zipped swaddle..

You can try a zipped swaddle! The traditional one didn’t work for her cos she would move and her arm would come out. With the zipped one can still move at least but helps!

Yea get her used to it try when she’s in a good mood