Worried for baby’s growth/development

Am petite and thin, and about 8 weeks along. First obstetrics appt scheduled for 9 Dec. Currently having trouble eating normal portion; urge to vomit while eating. Always had difficulty gaining weight too. Any tips to improve appetite during the 1st trimester (and throughout the pregnancy journey)? Thanks much!

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Super Mum

Your appetite will change along the way. For now, try to find food which you can eat and help you feel better. Liquids, sweets, sour stuff, anything. If you can stomach healthy food, of course better. No need to worry about weight as long as baby’s growth is unaffected which you will know during your periodic gynae appointments.

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My 1st and 2nd i had no appetite and mostly survived on kiwi and grapefruit. Now my 3rd is worst, i puked 3x a day and went from 55kg to 48kg in 6weeks. Obgyn said all is good and waiting for my next appt in dec 9 too. Also my friend advice me to eat plain, like no sauce and soup. It work for me :)

First trimester usually no appetite due to morning sickness.. I survive with fruits, porridge and yong tuo foo soup. Sometimes fish soup. Currently at 3rd trimester. Still don't have good appetite. I eat normal portion and not much variety of food.

Super Mum

My gynae ask me not to force myself to eat. When u want to eat, eat. Eat the food u like (other than taboo foods). Eat small frequent meals . Hungry also can cause nausea. Don’t need to eat 3 large meals. Hope it helps !

Baby has yolk sack which gives it nourishment during early pregnancy. Only later in pregnancy, when the umbilical cord is more developed, then baby gets more nutrients from mum. Don’t worry.

Don't force yourself to eat. Just make sure you don't get dehydrated. You can't starve your baby at such an early stage

Eat anything you like.

Super Mum

Eat things u like