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I'm only 8 weeks pregnant and I have gained 2kg.. OMG right?? I hasn't been eating a lot infact.. just my normal 3 meals and a packet or milk in the middle of the night if I feel too hungry.. I would like to do some treadmill walking but am afraid of doing so as I'm still in my first trimester and I don't want to take any risk.... Yet I don't want to gain any unnecessary weight in my pregnancy. Any tips on weight management during first trimester?

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Don't worry about your weight gain :) it's a good thing that you haven't lost your appetite as some others have especially in the first trimester. Just eat in moderation and try to add in or swap some food for healthier options :) also, light exercise or walking is completely fine throughout pregnancy, helps with blood circulation to baby. Just not vigorous and heavy exercise especially if you're not used to it.

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Don't try to lose weight at this period. It's ok to gain any amount of weight as long as your pregnancy is normal. You will lose weight if morning sickness starts. Eat moderately and always remember not to eat for 2 even though you're pregnant.