Appetite problem🤮

Hi my dear ladies..i am on my first trimester, week 7. I had trouble eating at first but my appetite has improved now. Only one problem, i will eat half way and then suddenly no appetite for that food, i stop immediately. It happens to all the foods and drinks that i take. Eat/drink halfway and then suddenly appetite got cut off and i crave for other things. It's making me very hungry and i'm worried about my baby's health😭

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I was the same! And then after eating the full meal, i hv throat stuck in feeling till i cannot take it hv to force puke out to feel better. U try hv smaller meals but eat more frequently:) just eat wat u can, dont pressure urself!

2y ago

Omg yes the throat stuck i cannot take that it's so bad!😖 I'm taking smaller meals/portions now and so far i feel better. Thank you dear for sharing💕

Break your meals up by portioning them out. :) I ate very little in my first trimester due to morning sickness but it did get a lot better when my meals were broken down into smaller pockets.

2y ago

Yes i'm doing that now! You're right i feel so much better. Thank you so much💕

Have more small meals. Allow urself to take more healthy snacks that are god for you and baby. Fruits, carrots are good choices.

2y ago

Doing that now and so much better! Thank you so much for the tips💕

I experience the same thing too. I think it is normal. Try to have small meals throughout the day. It might help.

2y ago

I'm doing that now! You're right it helps a lot. I'm happy i can eat eventho i get hungry again shortly after hahaha. Thank you so much dear💕