How much per child per month?

How much do you and your spouse spend a month on necessities and savings for each of your children? Trying to do financial planning now and I want to give my kid a good life in the long run and have enough saved for their university education.

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My husband and I each have an endowment plan. I set aside $100+ and husband set aside $500+ for the endowment plan. Our plan don’t mature at the same time but by the time it does, we would have about $60k to draw out when LO enters secondary 1. We started this endowment plan even before we were married and conceived, so must start young. Now that our LO is about 5mo, we contribute $300 each and put into a wallet and that will be for essential things like diapers, milk powder, wet wipes and if we have extra then those will be used to buy some nice clothes for LO, or whatever is necessary.

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Must see your budget. The more u earn, the more u can put in for your child such as hospital plan, endowment or study plan, monthly expenditure on whether is based on luxury or just normal prices item. Be comfortable for yourself. Some ppl spent a lot of studies such as extra enrichment classes from super young and can cause thousands of dollars, some parents dont.

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First to buy is hospital and accident plan then saving plan for their education. For hospital and accident plan, we spend about $1.1k annually for each child whereas saving plan till 18 year old, we are paying annually $4k+ for each child. Most important is to work out a figure you are comfortable with.

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It's hard to plan ahead alot. What i did was i bought a saving plan for my baby making sure we have 50k when she reach 18yo for her school fee. And it's costing us 300 plus a month exclude life insurance and hospital plan. Must really see how much you are ok etc.

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Infant care+daily necessarilty about 1k.. other than that is hospitalization+ accident plan and endowment..

I spend about 2k to 2.5k on my child. Childcare $1.5k, milk n diapers $300, insurance $500 and others