Parents, what do you think is the most important thing that your child needs to hear form you?

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At the end of the day your children need to know that no matter how bad a situation gets, parents are always there for them and always open to discussion. But you have to also show a lot of patience when dealing/disciplining them otherwise they might not be comfortable coming to you.

That you love them and that you will always be there for them and support them no matter what and you will do everything you can to provide for them and keep them happy and that you’ll do your ultimate best always and keep them your top priority forever.

My parents never said i love you or gave me words of encouragement, they always wanted me to do better to a point where i gave up trying to please them. I would think just saying "they did a good job" would of done alot for me.

4y ago

My mom too😞, i know that is sad but you know thay alway love you maybe sometime they are not to smart to show, just try to be happy by yourself 😉 and maybe you can get the one who love you and can give you what you alway need!.

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My children need to hear that I love him always, everyday, unconditionally. I'll tell then that they are protected and secured with mama's love no matter what. You will always be beautiful in mama's eyes.

for me, 1st is that I love her always 2nd is to say encouraging words as she experience her first trying times since she may show some independence 3rd is those words of praise :)

I think they need to hear that they will always be loved unconditionally and they need to hear when they are good at things to boost their self esteem

I agree with Roshni completely. No matter what, your child needs to know that you're there for them and will love them unconditionally.

My kids become really happy and thrilled each time I tell them that mamma is so proud of you or mamma loves you the most in the world.

Because sometimes I love you is not enough.. I accept and recognize you I am proud of you I'm always here for you

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