Hi parents, my 27 mo LO start to bite & hit me when she wanted "something" to be done or otherwise.. I kept asking her not to be violent & tell me what's wrong but she just don't want to talk before her frustration. How to stop her violent acts? I'm worried when she goes to sch next year. TIA

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Have to be firm in your words and action. My elder has a biting phase. He bit my MIL till she had bruises all over. Once your LO bite, Hold both hands down firmly, squat down to their level and look in their eyes and say No. Explain the reasons why and all. It will take some time for them to change. Have patience too

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7y ago

At what age your elder son start to bite? Today my LO react this behave again. I hold on her said no & after that I keep a distance to let her cool down, but she run toward me & hold my arm to bite. Oh gosh :(

Be firm and continue telling her that it's wrong. I think it's a stage and it would pass. Do not give in to get wants whenever she behaves that way. And once she behaves in the manner you expect reinforce it with praised and telling her thAt you liked it.

Like the mom above mentioned be firm and say NO. Is there any possibility to prevent the behaviour from happening in order to minimize such episodes.