Toddler tantrum. How to deal with it?

I sent my daughter (23m old) to school 2 months back. These 2 weeks i notice that although she loves school however when i send her, she started crying. She wasnt like this before. Also, when she is back, she will cry when i start taking of her clothes to bathe, she doesnt want me taking off her clothes, doesn't allow me to take off her diaper. She just kept crying and screaming. I know she is extremely tired (not enough nap in sch) but her tantrum is really driving me insane. Idk if this is normal or this behaviour is something i should raise concern abt. #firstbaby #pleasehelp

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it is normal, my son too do find out why she don't allow you to remove her cloth n bath I sent my boy to childcare when he's 23months also, he's well trained in wearing mask but after a week of school he refused to wear cause school didn't insist them to wear, he saw kids around not wearing so he follow 2nd week he refused to go shower and change diapers after poo, we talk to him after he calm down n actually find out the person who changed his diapers at school frightened him (till now didn't really know what that person did to my son but I spoke to both his teacher to take note on this) We noticed a lot of changes after sending him to school, he picked up a lot bad habit ie he will say *kanasai* but he learn a lot of new/good things too always communicate with teachers, tell them what you noticed and your expectations another example is teacher don't change mask for him, I teach my son to remind teacher change his mask after meal or whenever it's wet

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2y ago

can i know how did u found out the teacher frightenen your child during diaper change? my child has always love showering but once mentioned shower or wash, she hates it right now. she will throw tantrum and its just so disturbing. i spoke to the teacher but they said she wasn't like this during diaper change in school.