Our friend bathes her baby at night after she gets home from work. Is this safe to babies?

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I bath my son when I'm back from work at about 7:30 - 8pm. As long as the water is warm, and baby is not shivering from cold, I think it's perfectly fine. My son loves the water so bathing is always an issue whenever I need to take him out. He wails because he wants more time to play with the water but I can't allow it as he night catch a cold.

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Yes. It is safe for baby. There are a few things to take note when bathing baby at night. 1. Make sure the water is warm and not cold. 2. Close the window to prevent the cold wind from blowing on the baby. 3. Dry the baby thoroughly to prevent him/her from catching a cold.

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Yes, it is safe. I bathed my baby at night before bedtime too to give him a good sleep. Just to make sure the water is warm and close all windows to ensure baby doesn't catch cold. A warm baby massage will be perfect after the bath!