Doctor memo to WFM

Hi.. My wife is 30weeks. Our follow up is at KKH. She feels very tired and weak all the time. Her work place is very far. But actually can work remotely. Has anyone try requesting doc memo to recommend work from home and rest. With this memo her HR can allow her to work from home. We dont want to waste maternity leave so fast. Thanks #pleasehelp #1stimemom #firstbaby #advicepls #1stimedad

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If your wife can work remotely, then working from home is justified now given that wfh is the default option based on current guidelines. You can try asking your gynae for the memo, most probably they would be happy to help given the situation.

4mo ago

thank you. we managed to get doc memo from KKH to work from home till delivery... my wife very happy😊

I think she can try to request. I was lucky my bosses allowed me to wfh until i deliver. Or mayb because i had issues earlier in my pregnancy so they made arrangements for me..

4mo ago

Thats great!

Memo is easy la. I requested Dr to write me 1, as soon as phase 2a started. But whether or not her Co approved of it, is another story then.

yes u can. Or getting HL for her to rest if really tired to work.