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Oral sex or actual sex? which 1 you hate it more?

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3rd choice please? I would say Anal sex is the one that I don't like.

4y ago

Me too! I'm imagining my rectum's getting ripped off!

Neither with me, she already asked if she could sleep with other men.

2y ago

Holy crap?seriously???😳😳

Love both. But my husband dont ever care even if i seduce him

oral sex. hate it when im the only one performing it.

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Hate oral sex! Not fair if it's only me performing it.

5mo ago

Sex should be a 2 person moment. Not fair if only 1 person is doing the deed. Normal sex is good because 2 person’s sexual organs are being used at the same time and it’s very nice.

Because men love to be blown so we dislike it haha

I hate oral because i had TMJ. Its hurt my jaw

love booth of it.But more prefer on oral sex.

Why hate when you can enjoy both lol

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Objection, leading question.