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Why do most asian women do not enjoy giving or give oral sex to their spouses?

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I think it’s got to do with cultural or religious upbringing. But I feel that any kind of sex position should be ok. It’s supposed to be enjoyed by both persons in a marriage. Some people love oral sex, and some don’t. Do whatever you both are comfortable with.

i would only do to make him happy 🤣 if you really love her don't force laaa its really gross to us who doesnt like it

Not really .. I am Asian , and I love enjoying oral sex. Lol..I think its depends the person.

2y ago

Me too. In fact I get wet by blowing him.

I’m alright with oral but my hubby must return the favour hehe

Their P is so smelly, otherwise I would have given it too.

It’s probably seen as dirty or not proper in a sense.

3y ago

It’s kind of unheard and a bit taboo

I think all woman enjoy having a penis in their mouth

1y ago

Don’t speak for all women lol

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I think it’s our Asian upbringing and values

5mo ago

But we all know sex is necessary if we want to procreate. Just that some people are influenced by their cultural or religious values which only considered certain kind of sexual activity as allowed. If one only thinks of sex as something for procreation, definitely they will only want penis in vagina sex because that is the way to procreate. But if one sees sex as a bonding activity besides procreation, they will probably be ok with oral sex. As for anal sex, not everyone enjoys it.

I'm okay with that

Mainly cuz I’m a germaphobe 🤭