The three things I want more than sex is ....

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The three things I  want more than sex is ....
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Three not enough, want to have more. The list is not exhaustive: 1. Family safe and healthy 2. Many more years with my wife, say live till 80. 3. Children grow up as kind and helpful people. 4. Children marry to person whom love and faithful to them and have happy family. 5. The world is peaceful. 6. Those destitute can have better lives. ............

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There are a million things I want more than sex! 😂 Including: -my family staying safe and healthy -my children growing up to be godly and kind people -my husband and I being able to grow old together And that’s just the tip of the iceburg

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Family's health, appreciation and my favourite food😝

Good health, overall happiness, more money

Rest, no housework & yummy food.

Money, contentment and health

Health, wealth and happiness

Money, health, contentment

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money, happiness, healthy

money, happiness & love