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Oral sex or actual sex? which 1 you hate it more?

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I don't mind either but if I had to choose, I'd prefer not to give oral sex just because it can get so tiring haha. I also feel that it takes so long for my man to be done when it's oral. But oral is definitely less messy than the usual sex. Comes in handy during the time of the month (somehow guys want sex more when they know they cannot have it haha). Pros and cons to both I guess but I'd rather normal sex compared to oral. Interesting question by the way!

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I love both...but make sure not just only 1 person in action during oral.69....yesss!!!! can feel it enjoy together..correct me if I'm wrong...🤗🤗🤗

5y ago

Boleh ke time hamil?

In order to have oral means need to have more mood to wait till he is done. So quickie is better when I am moodless but he is very in the mood to do it.

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Anal? LOL just kidding. Haven't gone there! I enjoy doing both oral and actual sex, though... but if I had to really choose which one I hated more, I'd go with oral.

5y ago

For experience just try anal for sure your husband will be and fullfil his sex dream. 😀

Definitely prefer oral - after giving birth I lost my sex drive - so rather please then have him in me

I love both actually hehe my Husband does it on me as well but not always. But I'm ok

Love both! Even better if my husband go down there it's been a year! Cos I just give birth lol

did anybody like to suck your husband penis and you should tell him to buy incress oil.

Being a men I like both. My partner also like as I am good with both she says.