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After reading the Story of being married for 17 years and the Husband says his wife is Fat, I became even more depressed. I met my wife on the Internet 13 years ago. This December we will have been married 12 years. I was from the United States and she was from the Philippines. After meeting her in person I met her family and her daughter. I fell in loved with them and went back a few months later and got married. In my absent she had built a little one room house that was good enough for me and our family. 2 years later we had our little baby girl, and now it was 4 of us. I relocated the 3 of them back to the US and moved into a 3 bedroom apartment. 6 months after arriving in the US her brother had a bad accident and the hospital in the PH would not do the operation before they were paid. I made a loan on my retirement and sent it but it still was not enough. So MY Wife on her own decision decision decided to borrow the rest from a co-worker. The payment for that was to take photos of her naked rear end. To make matters worst it was more then photos and then it was posted on the internet. I learned about it after he threatened Black-Mail. To make that part of the story short they both were reported and fired from employment for sex and solicitation on Company Property. I forgave her but it was forever etched in my mind. 2 year and 4 years later we had 2 little boys. Now after almost 12 years of marriage she ask me if she can sleep with other men because my penis is not big enough for her and I don't make enough of money for her wants anymore. I forgot to mention that I when we were married she was 26 and I was 52. I have always been oversexed and my wife is the only woman I have ever been faithful to in my life and she know this. I am retired and I have been a stay home dad since we met. I cook, I clean, I shop for groceries, I wash clothes, I bathe and take care of the children, catch my drift? The only thing she does is go to work and shop. I pay the Bills. The last little one started School a few weeks ago and my wife demanded that I come out of Retirement and go back to work so she can have more money. I refused and she still does not talk to me. She as gone Tampo over a month ago when I asked for sex. She then told me that Sex is just a Skirt with a Hole and i don't need it. She again brought up the subject of could she sleep with other men since I had many other women in my younger age. I love my wife so much I gave her permission but that she had to use protection and no cameras involved. She then asked me why she had to use Protection and why she could not use a camera while having sex with another person. I love my wife and children and I know that I could never live without them. There is so much more to this relationship then meets the eye. If you would like me to expand on the entire marriage I would be glad to. I have no secrets anymore

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