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What are the qualities that you think can make your partner more attractive and appealing ?
Confident, positive, good hygiene and a good sense of humor may be.
Best Movies to watch in pregnancy?? Hollywood
there are so many, u can watch, what to expect when your expecting, She's having a baby, Nine months..
My wife is having fever and her 5th month is running. Is it okay if she takes crocin ??
calpol is best.....but she must go to doc. during pregnancy fever is nt effects childs health
As my wife is pregnant how can i control my sexual urges ?. As she will not be involving in sexual activity for some months now.
Don't control, self help is the best help during this phase to reduce urge and be faithful
My wife is 4 month pregnant. She is having pain in lower abdomen. We consulted one gynac,and after sonography doctor said that her cervical distance is 2.9 cm & she have to take stiches so that baby
i hv not heard such thing..n its 4th mnth..cnsult more gynaec
Hi, I think you consult a good doctor in a reputed hospital, you, yourself also can do research on the Internet about the topic, just to have a little know-how. You can seek online consultation from
hey, What makes you think that you are really naughty.....!! Some got chance to show but some still not able to :)
ur question itself is naughty :-)
Yaa...i am naughty but when it comes to execution i lack somewhere.....i did try many things. One night i planned some naughty thing for her and brought WHIPS :)and put some candles in our room then a
let's see what makes you naughty for a change... did you get the chance to show that yet, or are you still waiting? maybe your response to your own question will give interesting ideas to others ;
Tell ME How innovative and naughty you are in making mood of your spouse and then Winning the whole game :)
i have done quite a hell lot of crazy stuff to get my spouse in the mood, or get him in a better mood when he is sour and upset... the best part is that not only does he get happy and excited, but
I am not innovative at all. I try for a little while but if he doesn't get fine I get angry myself. And by being angry myself....I automatically win the whole game because he has to make my mood fine
Hey! what can be the probable signs that it is a baby girl or baby boy....while she is pregnant ?? just asking, as people says there can be signs . So Plss give review on your experience basis.
I've got a girl and a boy baby.With my experience I can tell if the baby lie right side of the tummy most of the time it's a girl and to the left its boy.We can make out with the shape of tummy too..b
u shud b happy just coz of the fact tht u r becoming a father!! boy or girl.. no much difference.. if boy then responsibilities r "slightly" less..thts it :-)
and congrats dude finally u r agree to take care to ur coming new life...:)
in starting months u can't predict babies gendar.... but later some signs according to indian myths were correct for me.... like I lost my beauty.. got many pimples ...big football like tummy on abov
me and my wife always wanted baby girl and we we're blessed with girl so it's probably strong wish
HEY, My wife is pregnant. Its been only 15 days, it will okay if we have unsafe sex ??
Hi Chetan the first trimester is very crucial, so it is best that you check on this with your wife's doctor. also, while your wife possibly cannot get pregnant while she already is pregnant, hav
Hello, My wife is pregnant but it was not planned. We still want some time before having first baby. Her period date was 26th March and is confirmed that she is pregnant on 2nd April. Can she take pi
Adoption. Please consider at least doing that. plenty would love to have a bundle of joy.
wow.. you could at least put the baby up for adoption. instead if killing a innocent unborn child
yall just gotta work with it there is no pills to stop once you become pregnant unless you do abortion which dramatically lowers your chances of successfully carrying a baby in the future edit:and yal
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how did you confirm her pregnancy?
nope dont think so