Sick again

Ok so my 4 old month baby got the cough and flu again. He just recovered from it but got it again. Idk if i should go to the clinic again because i know im going to get the same set of medication. He doesnt have fever but when he coughs, he'll tend to vomit his milk out. Im so tired and stress already. What should i do? Go clinic or just observe?

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My 5month boy also having cough n flu...i think some sort of virus going on..i did not bring him to doc yet. Just taking care at home. So far flu recovered only left with cough. Due to their weak immue system easier for them to get sick. Go back to same doc maybe this time they can give u slighly stronger medicine. Do not ever self medicate. Just hang in there i know they are extra cranky when sick. The milk to give lesser n more frequent to prevent baby from coughing till vomit.

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self medicate and observe if you think it’s the same symptoms