This morning my son vomit after he finish his milk and afternoon he vomit again and just now 6 pm he vomit again after his milk? I check his temperature 37.6 , what should I do? Should I bring him to see doctor?

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U can still monitor him and sometimes, it may be just acid reflux which is not so worrying. Be positive but I know it's easier said than done. Just take note on his temperature. Let the tummy rest and not put too much fluid as I believe the tummy is already upset. You may try to take like 5ml of water slowly and gradually increasing it to prevent dehydration.

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Monitor him for a day. Try to cut down the amount of milk and see if he is able to take it down. Most importantly he needs to be kept hydrated. In cases of vomiting and diarrhea, dehydration is the main concern. If more vomiting comes up throughout the night, or more symptoms start appearing it would be advisable to bring him to the doctors.

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Now he don't have fever, I think just now I take the temperature when he sleeping so not accurate and he just had milk at 8.15 pm no vomit but didn't finish left like 20ml which I do 150ml for him and he now sleeping but I keep hearing sound like got something block in his nose or there is phglem...

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8y ago

I given him half lesser milk than he usually take and vomit stop, last night bring him go KKH and Doctor said that infection and given some medication

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Monitor him for a day or 2 before making an decision. However, trust your gut feelings. Should u feel otherwise, please proceed to A&E

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