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Hi mummies, sos please. So, so stress out. 😭 My 18 month old toddler was wearing Huggies Naturemade Pants size L (he's 9.8kg) and it keeps on leaking everytime he sleeps at night, eventhough I've changed his diapers before he sleeps. I got sooo stressed up I change to Huggies Silver Pants size M (downsize into thinking previous diaper was too large) but still the same outcome. I've just bought it and it leaks again! What should I do? 😭 #stress #pleasehelp

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Perhaps you might want to change brand like Merriers,Mamy Poko,Rascal,Drypers? Set timing before sleep, few hrs after that and in the morning. It might be cold or too much fluid taken at night causing your little one to have leak diapers. However, it can also be the diapers too. I was also using Huggies for my first born when she was few days old till about 1 years plus. Then, we change to Merriers. She's a girl and drink lots of fluid esp at night + She cant stand coldness hence of the leakage.

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hi, in my opinion, pampers and rascal and friends have bigger coverage on the butt area to prevent leaks. i'd suggest this 2 brands as i had the same problem as you! my daughter is 28 months old, wearing size L, 11.7kg and only leaks if she drink too much water before bed. other thn that it works well!

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Agree to try other pants. Rascal works very well on my boy no leakage even having a few bottles in between his sleep at night. Most of the diapers have a few pieces in a packet to try on.

My son is using Mammy Poko pants for night time. Seems to hold pretty well than Huggies.