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Hi mummies…My baby is 5 months old now. And i think im pregnant again. Im very scared and worried and stress. Im not ready to go through it all again and not ready to be pregnant again. Im so scared. Im just about to enjoy some freedom and enjoy seeing my daughter grow up. And maybe 2 or 3 years later might have a 2nd one. But it didnt turn out that way. I read its best to get pregnant again 18 months after giving birth. I didnt take the birth control thing. Any advice or opinions? Im just so scared now. I got my menses in January. Not Feb. So i missed 1 period.

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Maybe you should do check again and discuss with your spouse pertaining this issue if you are pregnant. Having said that to take precautionary steps like contraceptive method like pills, or if do not wish to take it then you may use condom eventhough it is not 100% safe or chances of pregnant is likely to not happened. However, if it is already rezeki, embraced it and take it positively. You need the support from your spouse esp. And most mummies, will have healthy egg follices once they give birth. So, that is why it is highly advice for contraceptive method once we give birth.

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Mm hmm i see. I understand. Thank you.