32 weeks pregnant and feeling anxious and worried all the time

Is it normal that i feel worried about my pregnancy all the time, I am delivering soon in 2 months time but always having negative thoughts afraid something will happen to my baby or during labor which i don’t know why and it’s making me very anxious and frustrated.

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Hi mummy! I can understand your anxiety and worries. I guess is normal? So what I did is talk to my baby alot! Tell her to be good, be healthy, when in labour come out fast fast, don’t make mummy pain too long. Mummy & daddy can’t wait to see her, cuddle her, hold her etc. And I pray alot too. I guess these 2 helps me. You gotta have faith in god & ur child ☺️

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It’s normal to feel this way because you care a lot about your baby! Hugs ok! I’m sure everything will be fine! Once you see your baby’s face when he/she’s here, you will light up. Stay strong! And talk to somebody if you can!