Worried 15wks

Hello. I'm 15 weeks and will only be having a scan in about 2 weeks time. The last scan was 3 weeks ago which makes it more than a month. Is it normal to feel worried about baby in the womb and any idea to know if baby is okay without seeing the gynae? Just worried and anxious. Thank you.

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Oh not to worry. There will be at least once or twice during your pregnancy that the duration between 2 scans can be as long as 9 weeks. My last detailed scan was 11 June and I haven’t seen baby since then. My next appt is 8 Aug. In between I had my OGTT done and the doc checked baby’s heartbeat using a doppler, no scans at all. Pretty excited when I see my KKH sms appts for Antenatal Diagnostic Centre cause that’s where I’ll get to see a detailed scan of my baby. Other than that, no scans except first trimester.

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4y ago

Yeap got to agree on that. I just think positive, keep track of baby’s movements (tbh I don’t know how to count, I’ll just monitor every hr.. haha) and leave it all to my Creator. 😉 time flies, I used to be counting the days to my next week of the pregnancy but after you feel your baby’s movements, you kind of lost track or perhaps you’ll be busy starting to prepare for your newborn’s arrival. Keep yourself busy so that you don’t get too caught up in your worries cause honestly, there’s nothing much you can do except monitor yourself like no bleeding, eating and pooping well etc. Maybe can start googling how to eat healthy to avoid Gestational Diabetes cause you’ll need to take the test around 25 weeks. Or start sourcing out for cheap baby items or hand-me-downs, you’ll need this precious time to prepare before your tummy gets bigger and also so that you won’t burst your Budget at one go. There’s a whole lot of things to prepare before the baby comes like baby cot, diapers, toiletrie

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I was constantly anxious too 😅 Especially since baby hadn’t started kicking yet. I guess I chose to channel the energy into doing things instead of thinking too much. Heh. I ordered some things for the baby and also continued working hard at my job.. did some baking and other hobbies. That helped till I reached the next scan:)

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4y ago

Hi Cherlyn, thank you! I would try keep myself occupied and to be more positive about this! ☺️

Yes, you can have such feeling. That is normal. But do not worry. your baby is observing by the doctor in every month.


it’s totally normal to be worried but don’t let this affect you. Stay positive sister!

4y ago

Thank you Shirlene! I shall remain positive! 😊