Is it normal not to feel nausea during the first trimester?

Im 5 weeks pregnant and has not feel the symptoms of the pregnancy so far and had a brown discharge for 2 days. I can only wait for the gynae's appointment which is in 2 months time. But i cant help but to feel anxious if my baby is growing well.

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It’s normal. My pregnancy is so smooth without MS I ended up gaining so much weight 😅. If you’re worried, I would recommend you to go for a scan with private gynae in between while waiting for the scan in 2 months time. At the very least you can have a peace of mind. 😊

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I am not feeling it either. Could be that we r one of the fews who is lucky not to have 😅 Have on/off brown discharge since ytdy. Heard it is pretty normal too unless it changed colour into sth else like red, green & yellow which you shld visit doc

Same boat here. I have no major symptoms except tender boobs from early weeks. Currently 4weeks going 5 weeks and also had brown discharge. Going to gynae next sat for early scan

how come ur wait is so long! my KKH appointment took place within 2 weeks for me. of course any worries, do ring up ur gynae to let them know :)

Thank you, i feel comforted hearing this. 🥰 Yes, will probably arrange for a private gynae within this month.

yeah, i know right. Mine is from SGH 😅 i have booked a private gynae so hope all is well.