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Is it normal that i didnt even gain weight since pregnant? Im underweight even before pregnant. Going to 12 weeks in few days.

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Its normal sis.. just eat normally. U need to gain only 500g a month for first trimester.I was underweight too at 40kg. But i drink maternal milk which made me have drastic weightgain at 6kg in 1 month. Thank god no diabetes or baby abnormal. Now after giving birth my weigh is 52kg.before gave birth was 58kg.

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4y ago

I drink frisomum too..until 22weeks then i stop because of my drastic weight gain😅😅. Then i just eat oats and almonds with dates everyday.

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Normal tikah.. Just keep makan makanan berkhasiat. Balance ur diet & take supplements tp make sure atas kebenaran doctor. Tak yah renyah2 pergi marketing lg. Duduk je kat branch tu.

4y ago

Hahahah. Blh pulak jumpa kat sini