Bleeding 🩸 gums 😢

Is it normal to have bleeding 🩸 gums while brushing teeth every day ? I’m bit concerned now because it’s been going on ever since the beginning of my pregnancy until today and I’m currently at 20 weeks. It doesn’t hurt and I brush ever so lightly cos I was afraid as it tends to bleed alot. Previous appointment doctor told me nothing to worry, today another doctor said there might be an underlying issue. I just don’t want it to harm the baby you know... any moms experience this please share with me how u treat it?

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Congrats on your pregnancy! It is not uncommon to have bleeding gums due to hormonal changes. I did have more sensitive gums. I also do see a dentist every half a year and continued to do so during my pregnancy. The dentist advised to maintain general oral hygiene practices, which are brushing and flossing. She's a female dentist, Dr Pong, at Unity Denticare mid point orchard. Do consider seeing a dentist if you're concerned. Oral health is also important!

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My gums also bled when I was in the 2nd trimester. Now that I'm in the 3rd trimester, it still bleeds from time to time. I had a dental appointment previously at week 16 and my dentist says the bleeding is normal. If you're worried, visit a dentist and also ask your gynae. They might run you through a blood test if they have concerns.

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Hihi... congrats on your pregnancy... I have this issue too during my pregnancy... it’s normal and I bleed daily while brushing... as long as the blood is not a lot it’s ok... my baby is not coming 8 weeks young 😊

I had bleeding and swollen gums on some days from second trimester. Nothing to worry about; just hormonal changes and increase in blood flow. Continue maintaining good oral hygiene and it will go away eventually.