Postpartum Bleeding

Hi mums. Its been slightly over 2 weeks since I gave birth and today i notice that my bleeding is very red and more and theres blood clot dropping when peeing. Previous days was not like this. It was very light bleeding and not so red as today. Any mum experience this before? Is this normal or something to worry about

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Yes absolutely normal! I've had alot of bleeding and will always have blood dripped on the floor and bed. Happens 4 times and on the 5th one I was given an injection for blood clot cos I was admitted and put on bed rest. The bleeding afterwards was really much, much lesser than the previous 4. Also take note that pp bleeding comes and goes usually until between 6-8 weeks. Unless u have super heavy bleeding which soak up your entire pad and u need to keep changing it frequently & with big clots then pls see a dr.

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I took very long to clear my blood too. Cant remember exactly but wk 6 to 8 i still had bleeding on and off. Initially i was also peeing alot of blood clot out! 😂 so i tink its normal so long nv bleed n soak few pads