Possible miscarriage???

Hi, I'm 6 weeks pregnant today and i went to the doctor to get an ultrasound but the was nothing but a yolk sac seen is that normal? My last period on 17/04/20 and I had 2 miscarriage before so I’m kind of worried ? [23/06/20] Updated on my second ultrasound at 8~9 weeks My baby isn’t measuring where it should be and no heartbeat detected l...possible miscarriage??? No bleeding 🩸 or pain yet just feeling mild backache ☹️ 1st pic ultrasound scan on 2/06/20 2nd pic ultrasound scan on 23/06/20

Possible miscarriage???
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I was like you in my first miscarriage... As early as 6 weeks, some could detect baby's heartbeat already. But to have a more assurance, go seek 2nd opinion, that does a vaginal ultrasound. Have a chat with your gynae for medication to expel it naturally or schedule D&C.. I went to 2 gynaes coz I couldn't believe, both gynaes did not advise D&C.. Big hugs, take some time to cry and get through the pain.. Soon your rainbow baby would come by..

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Hi dear... big hug for you... there should be a heartbeat visible by 8-9 weeks if the pregnancy is viable. Has your gynae spoken to you? I’m so sorry dear... please try to get some rest, and also get advice from your gynae about what to do and expect

Happened to me in one of my two miscarriages, eventually miscarriage. :( I pray for a miracle for you my dear.