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Sticker baby
I am the main caregiver/sahm to my 10mth old and as a result, she is extremely sticky to me. I.e she will cry the roof down for me. When the grandparents or my husband tries to help, she will reject t
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Don’t attend to her immediately when she calls for you. Give her 5 minutes, even if she’s screaming. She gradually learns to self soothe and be independent, as well as less scared of being alone. Also
Is it okay to add fm into preparation of solid food for my LO? Eg: I’m going to blend some butternut Squash, can I add fm to it? Tia!
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Yes can
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Yep can
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Yes, of course:)
Yes can
Yes it’s ok
LO not drinking much
My 6mth old has just begun consuming solid, mainly homemade purée for at most twice a day. I usually give it to her after milk feed. I realised there was a tremendous decline in her milk intake (via b
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First of all. Have u check if ur baby teething? My baby always reject milk in any forms or bottle if shes teething. I think she associate milk smell n pain