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Hi all, need ur opinion 1. My husband said that can wash baby teeth with adult toothpaste. Is it true? He said we can save money on that. 2. My MIL keep wanting my son to play or "be best buddy" with my husband's cousin son. They are at same age that is 1 year old now. My MIL will buy twin cloth, etc for them. Just because my husband n his cousin are best buddy, they hope their son can be the same. What should i do? What if my son doesnt like this arrangement? Why must force him? 3. Should i stay or go away from this weird family?

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Seriously what kinda husband suggested that? There a reason why they invented baby toothpaste... Reason being adult toothpaste is more stronger and some toddler doesnt know how to spit out yet and may tend to swallow the paste. The cheapest toothpaste is only 1-2$ and can last for a month. 2ndly, if that makes ur mil happy, den let her be. But make sure she dont go overboard. speak ur mind out. Ur the mother and u know what best for ur child. If ur mil want ur child to be the best fren, let her try. Think of it as, ur child have a fren that can always play so he doesnt feel lonely. Cheers mummy...

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Hi, I suggest talk to your husband about and share your feelings on why you feel it is not good for your boy. I am sure he will understand and you will get best way out of it

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No adult toothpaste is not safe!! It has fluoride and many babies will just swallow it. Kids toothpaste has a safer formulstion


Try to communicate and make them understand

No for number 1