Recommended baby formula for newborn

Hi.. need some recommendation on what's the best baby formula for newborn. Need to prepare just in case my milk supply is not enough. :) TIA, mummies... :)

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I have sensitive skin and I scare my LO will I start her with NAN HA. And to my understanding, its not sweet unlike others and the taste is not as tasty as others. So baby dunno what nice and not nice... But once they has sweet milk... Or tasty milk... Then will be abit difficult to try HA milk

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FM for newborn need to trial and error unless when in hospital, you already ask the nurse what brand they give to your newborn. For my 1st LO, I give similac as that was provided to him when my BM is not here yet.

Thanks a lot for all the advices. :)

Need to let baby trial and error

I recommend Friso infant

I recommend mamil gold!

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I tried mamil gold

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Try Nan(:

NAN! :)

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Can get from hospital.. They have the more recognised brands like s26, friso, enfamil etc...