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Hi mummies, recommendations formula milk for newborns? I plan to BF exclusively but worry my baby will not get enough milk while my supply is building up in the first few days so was thinking of supplementing with formula milk. Any suggestions?

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Im using similac. My newborn is now 3 weeks old, my BF supply still not enough for my baby as she is always hungry, so i alternate give her BF and formula.

I'm also building up my supply. My LO will have BM at night and FM in the afternoon. I'm using nan. He's OK switching back and front between BM and FM.

Alt u can see wat e hospital provide on the 1st few days if ur milk has not kick in then buy e same brand back


I was told that nan was closer to bm taste. So I actually bought 1 standby. But didn't use at all.

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Nan, my hospital kkh gave dumex and she didn't seem to be taking in too well.

I have heard of friends that S26 has been good for their babies

Nan optipro !

Nan or s26

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