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Hi mummies! My milk supply decreased alot thus i need some recommendation of formula milk for newborn age 1 month plus. TIA ?

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Doctor told me all milk are actually around the same. Unless u are changing the milk type example to soy or goat milk. So just follow what ur baby prefers.

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You can request for samples from the major milk powder companies. Kids used Nan and Similac. Sometimes its a trial and error to see which they will accept.

Our baby drink NAN. Just buy what you think is comfortable and good for your Baby, trust your instinct, important is baby drink it and grow up healthy.

i tried giving similac and others, but my baby decided to settle with dulac 😳 quite happy she settles for the cheapest hahahah

Just buy something u can afford and baby is comfortable with. Don't listen to others and assume expensive milk is always better.

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Nan is a cheaper option compared to similac or enfagrow. Nutritional values wise they dont differ much.

I feed LO NAN from born.. my milk supply also low and now stop when he is 1 month plus..

My son was ok with Similac...

Mine drinks frisolac

I use karihome..