Cough during early pregnancy

Need some advices.. I'm now 4w4d and having a bad cough, what should I do to relief the cough and It's effects my fetus since i'm still in early stage of pregnancy..? Hopefully mommies can help me. Tq ?

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i take 1-2 tablespoon of pure honey and it helps relieve the itchiness in the throat when O had cough. also if it is unbearable, u can go to clinics and doctors will prescribe u with suitable meds for u. i had terrible cough on early 3rd trimester and doctor at KK check that it was up until my throat only as my lungs/chest is clear. so she prescribe me with Bromhexine pill (cough/cair kahak), by 3rd day it clears my cough completely

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Boleh ambik apex ubat mcm ubat batuk ngan selsema tp kene nasihat doktor juga, saya pernah juga jadi mcm tu doktor ade bg sukatan dlm ubat tu nanti,

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Hi mommy. Boleh mkn Madu n lemon, atau beli ubat batuk prospan di watson/Guardian. Yg ni selamat utk ibu hamil.

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lemon + madu + air panas. minum selepas sedikit suam. 2/3 kali minum insyaAllah sehat

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