Early pregnancy, can i continue my workout?

What kind of safe sport or workout we can do during early stage of pregnancy? I believe we should maintain healthy weight and lifestyle, am i right?

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Tulis jawapan

If you’re a person that has been working out before your pregnancy I believe you can continue doing so (light exercise). But since you’re still in early pregnancy, you might want to take a break for a while. The gestational sac might not be fully implanted to your uterus, still in fragile state. Certain doctors recommended mothers to not move a lot, bed rest, not to lift anything heavy. But after all, the decision is yours. I wish you have a healthy pregnancy! ☺️

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I believe no heavy lifting n hiking. As for me, my dr advised to continue with light intensity workout. Oh and no running. I did my 5km walkathon at 5 weeks. Know your limit n rest when you feel over workout.

yes you are right but better you refer your doctor for advise. before continue your workout. which workout suitable for early stage pregnancy.☺️

Better consult with your doctor