Need some advice .... What will u do if ur baby doesn't burp after milk n they just sleep like that.. Should I just put him sleep or later. Any mom same problem with me..

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I just let my baby sleep if she falls back asleep. Occasionally I may burp her if I suspect she is not that full yet. But hard to put her back to sleep so I normally don't risk it. You can lie baby on the left side so that if they have wet burps or accidentally vomit a bit, it will go to the side instead of them accidentally choking on it. Otherwise she may just fart it out

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My LO doesn’t burp when he is asleep, I tried putting him down immediately after feed but he will wake Up almost immediately. Once I pick him up awake he I’ll let out loud burps. I figured because I didn’t burp him, he felt uncomfortable. So might as well I will wake him up to burp then gently pat him back to sleep.

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My baby wakes up too easily.. haha. So I realised, for her, I should just let her sleep. She was perfectly fine too. No discomfort in her tummy. Waking her up for burping made her cry more

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After about 10 , 15 min of trying to burp I'll just put him to sleep. He'll wake up shortly afterwards feeling uncomfortable but once I pick him up he burped and fell asleep. Haha

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Will usually try to burp for 10-15 min but if my LO doesn’t burp by then, I will carry upright and just let my LO sleep for 15 min before putting her in the cot.

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I will hold my baby upright (stomach to stomach on me) to allow the gas to come out. Sometimes she will burp after 15 mins

I will hold my LO upright and try to burp her for 15 mins. If she didn’t burp by then I will let her go back to sleep.

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If really tried and he doesnt burp then just let him sleep.. but will try to burp him for a while

Sometime nighttime baby won't burp. So I just let her continue to sleep. So far so good.

Whenever I put down he will lift up his both leg after milk.. it's tat normal??