Hi mummies My girl is 4mth im feeding her 120ml but since birth after milk she will auto burp twice i let hee sit upright for at least 10mins then went to sleep. About an hr later she will wake up feeling uncomfortable n i burp her again she will throw out at least 5-10ml of milk. After discharge she drink 80ml also like that. After burp sit upright back to sleep woke up burp n throw out milk Diaper output sometimes 2-3 wet diapers very small amount of urine and concentrated. Pls advice

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Hi there. Besides this burping issue, does baby have any other discomforts? If no discomfort and baby s active and pooing is ok, then i think u can continue to just observe. I think u need to burp the baby longer since she then to have more air trapped based on past experience, maybe aim to burp for 15-20min? If i is a small mouthful of milk it is ok but not the vomit kind. If u have started baby on solids, u can consider giving a few teaspoons of water before, during and after the meal. They will only be able to swallow a little little bit of water even if u spoon feed the water to them. If u are going formula, u can consider making the fm slightly diluted to help baby with hydration and fm is Heaty. I always put about 5-10ml more water when making his milk (of 90 or 120ml so it will become 100 or 130) See if it helps. If diapers improve then ok. Burping will take more time to improve for some babies (about 6 months or so when they can sit) By the way, it is normal for more concentrate urine in the early morning as baby might have been drinking lesser on longer stretches in the night

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6y ago

Thank for your advise mummy. Can i reduce the fm scoop instead of 2 scoop i give 1 1/2 scoop of fm then water will be 120ml? Or remain fm 2scoop but dilute the water