To let baby sleep or not…

My baby is currently 3 months plus and it’s so difficult to get him to burp especially when he falls asleep. Can I put him down after 20mins sitting him in his upright position? Im worried that most of the time he doesnt burp no matter how many attempts Ive tried.

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It's completely normal to feel concerned about your baby not burping, especially when they fall asleep. At 3 months old, their digestive systems are still developing. If your little one doesn’t burp after you’ve tried for 20 minutes, it’s usually fine to put them down. Holding your baby upright for 20 minutes is a good approach. This allows any trapped air bubbles to rise naturally, reducing discomfort. If after this time they still haven’t burped and seem comfortable, it’s safe to lay them down. However, keep an eye on them for signs of discomfort or spit-up. Here are a few tips that might help: 1. **Change Positions:** Try different burping positions, like holding them against your chest, sitting them on your lap, or lying them across your knees. 2. **Gentle Patting or Rubbing:** Pat or rub their back gently to encourage a burp. If they still struggle to burp and you’re worried about their comfort, you might consider speaking to your pediatrician for further advice. Keep doing what you’re doing; you're doing great!

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What I did if my baby doesn’t burp is to wait for awhile then lay baby in tummy time position, works wonder for mine. If baby falls asleep while feeding, I’ll just let her sleep first.

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yes same